Dental treatment unit SKEMA 8 CP Castellini

Dental treatment unit SKEMA 8 CP Castellini

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Skema 8 is the complete Castellini treatment centre. Integrated specialist instruments, exclusive technologies and a patient chair which is unique of its kind. Whatever the specialisation, from conservative dentistry to oral surgery, dental surgeons can turn to Skema 8 for immediate answers: Implantor LED - brushless micromotor capable of extensive torque values; Sistema LAEC - maximum efficiency and clinical safety in endodontic treatments; Autosteril - spray water circuit disinfection; Surgison 2 - surgical ultrasound handpiece for surgical applications. skema 8 sliding Sliding The sliding function consists of a synchronised movement of the patient chair: while the backrest is lowered, the seat slides forward and is raised. It provides four key advantages: It keeps the distance ratios between operating zone and the two dental unit modules constant; It allows patient repositioning without having to move the operating light in that its beam remains pointed at the oral cavity; There is a much easier-to-use space around the tilted backrest compared to that provided by a chair without the sliding function; It maintains patient comfort. A key contribution to the ergonomic set-up also comes from the patient chair, the shaping and synchronised movement of which again optimises the operating space available to medical personnel. Asymmetric shaping of the lumbar area of the backrest and an offset backrest-seat joint provides the dentist with an unhindered approach to the patient.