Dental treatment unit EXCEED ef YOSHIDA DENTAL MFG. CO.

Dental treatment unit EXCEED ef YOSHIDA DENTAL MFG. CO.

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Soft texture and unique configuration. EXCEED ef's chair enables patients' maximum amenities. You must be impressed how comfortable the chair is. It never changes how long treatment lasts and what kind of position patients take. Adjustable backrest The backrest moves as adjusting with height of each patient and enfold their whole back. It supports the whole body equally by posterior and back and keeps a patient relaxed during long-lasting treatment. Stored-type Ankle support The ankle support comes out as chair is reclined. Patients feel relaxed even in long time treatment by having their ankles supported gently. 400mm of the lowest height of upholstery The lowest height of upholstery is 400 mm, which is lowest among front foldable chairs. Same grade level of the chair and the floor ensures smooth seating and upise especially for elderly patients.