Dental surgical ultrasonic generator (complete set) Ultrasonic BP Gnatus

Dental surgical ultrasonic generator (complete set) Ultrasonic BP Gnatus
Ultrasonic BP

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Body Bolder, more modern design. Assembled with smooth and durable material with rounded corners. Panel Nearby controls with digital selectors and soft operation regulators. General On-Off Key With LED indicator on the panel. Peristaltic Pump: with water flow regulation. Allows the use of filtered and/or specifically treated water. Removable water reservoir Translucent with LED lighting: allows the filling of the reservoir without the need for moving the equipment due to the automatic activation of the retaining valve; Eases viewing of the water level. ULTRA-SOUND Transducer Piezoelectric System activated through ceramic chips with a frequency of 30,000 Hz. Operations without water The Piezoelectric system of the Transducer permits use in operations without the use of water. Unidirectional Vibrations Directing of the vibrations is perfect, in other words, they occur in a single longitudinal plane, allowing the performance of scaling without causing damage to teeth. Wide variety of inserts Jet Sonic has a wide variety of inserts available, with 3 models coming with the device (Numbers 1, 2 and 10P), and 10 other optional models, as indicated below: Periodontics: No. 1 (comes with the device); No. 2 (comes with the device); 10P (comes with the device); H3 (Optional)
Rodovia Abrao Assed Km 53 & 450m,
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