Dental surgery ultrasonic insert JT2FA B&L Biotech USA

Dental surgery ultrasonic insert JT2FA B&L Biotech USA

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Features Bendable Apical Surgery Tips · JETip is an apico surgery tip that allows clinicians to bend the tip to any length and angle to suit their surgical needs. Longevity and Safety with Micro-projection · JETips have sharp, abrasive micro-projections integrated onto the main body of the tip. · Unlike conventional diamond coated endodontic tips, whose coating wears off during surgery, tips with micro-projections are more resilient and efficient in cutting. Versatility · JETips have a variety of shapes and sizes, so users can effectively control the amount of gutta-percha and dentin removal. · They remain stable during the removal of gutta-percha. Bending Jig Optional Length and Angle · The Bending Jig is made of a soft material in order to provide clinicians with the freedom to choose angles and lengths without damaging the micro- projections. · Five depths (3, 4, 5, 6, and 7mm) in order to allow clinicians to bend the tip to different lengths. · One aperture may be used up to 2-4 times.
  • Application domain:for dental surgery
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