Dental sterilizer / hot air / bench-top TAU STERIL 2000 TAU STERIL

Dental sterilizer / hot air / bench-top TAU STERIL 2000 TAU STERIL

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One of the most efficient means of removing all pathogenic germs, even the most resistant to heat, from an object is that of hot air dry sterilization. This new Automatic TAU STERIL 2000 has been specially designed to satisfy all dai ly medical requirements in the field of sterilization. It is extremely robust, totally automatic and guarantees complete working safety as it has been built in accordance with European Safety Regulations. Its main construction characteristics are: Outside structure: Completely glazed stainless steel front and door. Epoxidic powder painted sheet steel sides and back. Inside structure: Shining 18/8 stainless steel non-corrosive, almost indestructible sterilization chamber which reflects the heat so that the desired temperature is reached rapidly. Perfect heat distribution and considerable saving in electric energy. Insulation: Hermetically sealed inside structure and door (obtained with speciai heat and wear resistant silicone rubber seal) insulated with speciai resined fibre glass materiai so that heat is not transmitted to outside structure. Thermostat: Automatic capiI lary bulb type with self-regulation from 90 to 200 OC, complete with switch in accordance with International safety regulations. Timer: Erom O to 120 mm, which automatically regulates the time the thermostat takes to switch on and switch 0ff. With manual position for working requirements above 120 minutes. Resistance: 600 watt stainless steeled resistance with high output diffuser, low inertia and immediate operation, complete with bayonet connection so that it can be replaced easily and rapidly (patented).
  • Configuration:bench-top
  • Sterilization procedure:hot air
  • Application domain:dental