Dental radiography flat panel detector SOPIX² SOPRO

Dental radiography flat panel detector SOPIX² SOPRO

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Sopix is the most economic solution of the Sopix Series o Sopix² sensor adds an exceptional image quality, using the best technologies available. The SOPIX series instant has three solutions flattering for all budgets to convince all requirements of any dental practice Sopix digital sensor instant a high quality image at a very economical price. They support the dental professional in correctly positioning the X-ray tube perpendicular to the sensor. White side stripes offer high visibility of the sensor in the darkness of the mouth. The corners are rounded to boost patient comfort. The design of the Sopix series sensors is so stylish. Patients well being is at the uppermost precedence. o SOPIX² inside is directly integrated into X-Mind unity intraoral X-ray system, resulting in the minimization of X-ray emission. SOPIX² is the key answer for optimal performances.