Dental radiography flat panel detector Mediadent MDX3 IMAGELEVEL

Dental radiography flat panel detector Mediadent MDX3 IMAGELEVEL
Mediadent MDX3

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The new sensor has CMOS Technology with scintillator and comes in 2 sensor sizes. It has a direct USB connection so no Data box is necessary. With "Plug and Play" it is easy to install, even on Notebooks. The sensor is CE marked. Features CMOS technology with scintillator 2 sensor sizes: 600 mm2 and 900 mm2 4096 Gray levels (12 bit image) Sensor thickness 5,41 mm Direct USB 2.0 connection No external power connection No data box Images in medical Dicom format "Plug and Play", also for notebooks Sensor: Technical specifications Theoretical resolution: 26,3 lp/mm Real resolution: > 20 lp/mm or 0,05 mm image detail Signal to noise ratio: 40 dB (@130 Gy) Scintillator: CSI deposited on fiberless substrate Build-in USB 2.0 interface USB 2.0 plug and play - power, image transfer and control via the PC 3 meter USB sensor cable 12-bit image digitalisation 16-bit uncompressed image file save Well defined software interface
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