Dental radiography flat panel detector DEXCOWIN CO. LTD

Dental radiography flat panel detector DEXCOWIN CO. LTD

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Dental sensor Digital dental radiography has changed the entire technique of providing dental treatment. Dentists are now at ease performing blind dental procedures like root canal treatments, post and core placements and dental implants. The major element of a digital radiography machine is a small digital dental sensor which detects the required structures and puts them on the big screen for your use. In short, success of your dental treatment depends on the choice of a good dental sensor. DEXCO presents a highly sophisticated intra-oral digital dental sensor for your convenience. This is an improved prognosis of dental treatments. It is a CMOS (Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) type intra-oral dental sensor which does not need a USB control box. Advantages of DEXCO - CMOS image sensor - Scintillator integrated inside checks the radiation production - An electronic substrate to film - Flexible cable with a direct USB interface - Waterproof - Thin rounded corners - Instant adjustable images - Ability to capture images at 60% less radiation than film - Fast electronic filing - Two sizes for adults and children
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