Dental radiographic films X-ray film scanner 3D Systems GmbH

Dental radiographic films X-ray film scanner 3D Systems GmbH
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Medical film digitizing is an imaging procedure governed by medical and industry regulations. The Dental Film Digitizer from VIDAR is specifically tailored for the dental application and is a regulated medical device for use in diagnostic applications. Special attention must be paid to the unique challenges of accurately and reliably visualizing the details in medical films since decisions will be made about patient care based on these images. VIDAR employs specialized optics to deliver quality results specifically for transmissive materials such as x-rays not reflective media. Our imaging system is designed to accurately render the full grayscale data with minimal noise throughout the specified grayscale density range. VIDARs medical products repeatedly meet demanding Optical Density tests that include specifications for both noise and linearity at all grayscale steps. This is a calculation of clinically relevant Optical Density not DMAX. For medical professionals this difference is important.
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