Dental prosthesis design software / CAM / CAD / medical WorkNC® Dental WorkNC

Dental prosthesis design software / CAM / CAD / medical WorkNC® Dental WorkNC
WorkNC® Dental

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WorkNC Dental provides an easy to use, step by step interface that allows for milling of complex dental prosthesis without CAM milling experience. This interface not only automates the milling process, but can also be used to automate the nesting and support pin placement process. WorkNC Dental is an open CAM software product. This means it can be used successfully with any standard open milling machine. This allows you to create a milling software and hardware combination that provides you the best performance for your budget. WorkNC Dental utilizes the proven milling algorithms from the commercial WorkNC program. Since 1987, WorkNC has been used successfully in the most demanding of CAM machining environments such as: automotive, aerospace, medical, consumer products and energy services. WorkNC’s highly automated milling routines are well known worldwide for their reliability and performance. With this advanced commercial CAM functionality, WorkNC Dental can calculate safe cutterpaths using not only the tool shape, but also take into consideration the tool holder and machine geometry. This allows for the highest level of reliability and safety when milling. control, simultaneous 5-axis control without RTCP), - Automatic 5-axis toolpath trajectory generation for machining undercuts (eliminates manual work when carrying out undersizing operations prior to cosmetic finishing).
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