Dental prophylaxis contra-angle Vera by Young™ Contra Young

Dental prophylaxis contra-angle Vera by Young™ Contra Young
Vera by Young™ Contra

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the newest prophy angle from Young Dental, offers a compact prophy angle head and slim neck design; these unique features are designed to deliver maneuverability in the mouth during polishing. Using this prophy angle allows for easy reach and access in a variety of clinical situations, such as tight buccal mucosa, small mouths, third molars. Vera by Young’s design makes polishing the distal region of posterior molars easy. Vera by Young is designed to reach different areas of the mouth with ease, while its smooth, round head design also can help with patient comfort. Vera by Young provides the same durable performance that Young is known for, making polishing enjoyable for both hygienists and patients. Available either in Young’s new Elite™ cup, with external ridges; or the Petite Web™ Cup, which offers flex and flare.
  • Application domain:for dental prophylaxis
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