Dental ozone therapy unit OZONE AQUOLAB

Dental ozone therapy unit OZONE AQUOLAB

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In dentistry, the ozone is used since a long time to treat decayed tooth surface; in fact ozone allows a regression of tooth decay because it stops bacterial growth and also it phase out previous situations. It Is also indicated to solve other disease in the oral cavity: treatment of hypersensitive gingival collar, aphthous stomatitis, herpes and to disinfect the surfaces surgically treated. It is also used in endodontic therapy (root canal treatment of teeth) and implant dentistry. The use of ozone allows a certain sterility in the treated area. The ozone treatment is completely painless. The daily use of ozone combined with a water jet action guarantees a secure defense and a prevention against the onset of classical pathologies, typical of the oral cavity. Aquolab Ozone water solution is an effective in prevention of dental disease and it is an helpful application for your dentist works.

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