Dental laser / diode / tabletop 980nm, 12 W | Simpler Doctor Smile

Dental laser / diode / tabletop 980nm, 12 W | Simpler Doctor Smile
980nm, 12 W | Simpler

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SIMPLER: the affordable laser Simpler is a complete diode laser with incredible features at an incredible price. It is the best value on the market today for a fast return on your investment! TWO IN ONE: ITS THAT SIMPLE! The Simpler diode laser now includes both basic and advanced software. Use the basic software for fast access to everyday preset treatments in a single touch (periodontics, whitening, surgery, therapy, endodontics and implantology). The treatments are set to internationally approved gold standard laser parameters to help you start working immediately. ADVANCED LASER DENTISTRY Use the ADV+ advanced software to increase the performance of your laser. You can also save your personal settings and expand the number of available treatments. ADD YOUR APPS Broaden your horizons: add a special treatment App to your Simpler laser. They include clinically tested, internationally approved preset parameters and specially engineered tools. TISSUE OPTIMIZED PULSING This biotype specific lasing system is engineered to treat particular disease conditions: Tissue Optimized Pulsing allows the laser beam to specifically treat three different types of soft tissue for optimal cutting and coagulation. This means less bleeding, less pain and faster recovery. Fibrous biotypes: fibroma removal, frenectomy, operculectomy Normal biotypes: gingival incision, posterior sulcus prep,sulcus debridement Granulation biotypes: abscess treatment, anterior sulcus preparation, sulcus debridement
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