Dental laboratory workstation penta Dental Art

Dental laboratory workstation penta Dental Art

Line Penta is a functional and practical range of modules: the care for technical details and the rational arrangement of the elements meet any operative need of the dental mechanic, by assuring him/her a correct and comfortable posing during the whole working activity health A better quality of the air, a new energy to face long work sessions. Line Penta improves the salubrity level in the dental lab, thanks to its natural complement, DUSTINET: a silent, powerful and reliable instrument and thanks to a new concept of the suction system, which is endowed with high dust-filtration standards, assures the filter an incredible long life, thus cutting off the replacement-related costs. aesthetics Technology and design find in line Penta the perfect balance: elegant and harmonious shapes, new hues. A personal and private touch, not to be showed off, rather a clear and original way of being.
  • Application: : dental laboratory
Via dell'Artigianato, 5 Z.A.,
Montecchio Precalcino (VI)
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