Dental laboratory steam generator EGV 18 A EUROCEM

Dental laboratory steam generator EGV 18 A EUROCEM
EGV 18 A

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Manual loading steam generator. 6 bar working pressure with visualization of the pressure inside the boiler on the pressure gauge. Steam function through gun with flow regulation. Low tension steam outlet control on the gun. Safety devices: double pressure switch and safety valve. Control for minimum water level inside the boiler with heater deactivation and pilot light indicating lower water level in the boiler. Stainless steel boiler (4 l capacity - empty tank holds about 3,3 litres - refills about 2,2 litres). Stainless steel structure. Fixing to a wall. Overall dimensions. 46W x 32D x 37,5H cm. Weight 15 kg. Input voltage 230 V ac 50/60 Hz. Power 2200 W.
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