Dental laboratory saw S-G 350 Harnisch + Rieth

Dental laboratory saw S-G 350 Harnisch + Rieth
S-G 350

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The S-G 350 plaster model-cutting saw is used for producing high-precision saw cuts out of models of different plaster-like materials. It has a simple, solid design and handling model is ideal for cost-efficient working in dental laboratories. The high-torque flange motor runs smoothly and fitted with quick-stop device. It features a large stroke of 90mm and a depth cut of saw blade of 25mm. It also has an extraction funnel that ensures clean and dust-free working area. The S-G 240 is fitted with an electromagnetic work desk and a 2-hand safety switch which eliminates any injury hazard. The S-G 350 comes with a halogen lamp, an adjustable model desk with magnet fixation and a diamond saw blade with 0.3mm width of cut.