Dental laboratory sandblaster SANDURET 2/3/4 REITEL Feinwerktechnik GmbH

Dental laboratory sandblaster SANDURET 2/3/4 REITEL Feinwerktechnik GmbH

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Description: The Microfine jet blasters offer optimum surface quality for blasting different materials with all commercial abrasives from 25 to 250 microns. The device can be used for cleaning, buffing and polishing as well as for removing oxide layers from different surfaces. Water separator and filters avoid unnecessary maintenance and keep downtime to a minium. The special blasting principle and the heated chambers offer a constant flow of the abrasive that result in a smooth surface being created. The maintenance-free quick stop valve is integrated in the blasting unit as well, to grant precice and economic use of abrasives. Different kind of abrasive graining and adjustable amounts per tank enable various surface qualities. The Microfine jet blasters are available with 2/3/4 chambers. As an option, the unit can be preconfigured to give more than one chamber handling the same particle size. A selector switch in the sandblasting cabinet allows selection of the active chamber, conveniently activated by a foot pedal. An additional nozzle removes abrasive material from the object. Optional drawer unit for jet blaster is made of highly durable and solid stainless steel and permits the fast removal of surplus abrasive material. The bright LED gives a shadow-free light in the working area for perfect working conditions.
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Bad Essen
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