Dental laboratory polymerizer Lumamat 100 Ivoclar Vivadent

Dental laboratory polymerizer Lumamat 100 Ivoclar Vivadent
Lumamat 100

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The Lumamat 100 light furnace has been made specifically for the tempering and polymerization of SR Adoro material. It has the ability to combine light with a heater that is controlled electronically. The controlled light and heat tempering process makes it possible to achieve the optimal material characteristics of the SR Adoro veneering material. The Lumamat 100 is a part of the SR Adoro System. It is intended to temper the SR Adoro veneering composite. Furthermore, polymerization of other light-curing resins can be done without using a heater. It has a lot of features including an "up-and-back" opening mechanism. It also has an integrated counter and a controlled heater. The tempering area has an object holder with limiter. It has a viewing window and can be connected to a computer and printer. Lamps are easy to change and it is also possible to control light and temperature through the L100 Test Set.
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