Dental laboratory dental CAD CAM scanner ZR Dizayn Dental

Dental laboratory dental CAD CAM scanner ZR Dizayn Dental
ZR Dizayn Dental

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HIGHLIGHTS AUTOMATIC : The scan and digitization of data actually acquired for reaching the final 3D model is totally automatic and doesn't need any manual user intervention. PARALLEL : Simultaneous acquisition of more than one model in a single work session. ROBUST : The scanner does not need any periodical manutention or optical recalibration. FREE : The Maestro 3D scanner leaves the full freedom of choice of CAD/CAM applications developed from third party for the design and construction of capsule and bridges and the full freedom of choice of production center. ACCURATE : The high levels of precision of system are guaranteed by the advanced optical subsystem and by the use of two high resolution cameras with high quality lenses. INTEGRATED : The Maestro 3D scanner, thanks to the supplied S.D.K. (Software Development Kit) allows to integrate his potentialities inside others applications. Open output: final model exporting in the more common formats : STL, PLY, OBJ, XYZ, PTS, VRML. (open standard formats).
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