Dental laboratory arch trimmer 120 V | MILLO Renfert

Dental laboratory arch trimmer 120 V | MILLO Renfert
120 V | MILLO

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The Millo dental arch trimmer brings improved quality and reliability to the arch trimming process. It is a definite time saver as well. Even if your model turnover on a daily basis is small, you'll still receive a profitable return on your investment. The trimmer's tapered arch feature makes the lifting of the dies an easy, unhindered process. Undercuts and rough surfaces, commonplace when sandpaper cylinders and handpiece cutters were needed, are no longer issues. The smooth surfaces the trimmer creates is another reason for the easy lifting feature. As was the case with rough surfaces, breakage is also a thing of the past, as the risk of breakage is near zero. Since it can be guided with both hands the Millo trimmer goes about its work safely and does not create a mess. The workplace remains clean while dental arches are being prepared.
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