Dental electrosurgical unit MC-4A MACAN

Dental electrosurgical unit MC-4A MACAN

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The MC-4A's unit lacks the pure CUT feature of the Radiosurge and is therefore not recommended for implant exposure of biopsy. However, all the other virtues of the Radiosurge are incorporated; isolated output, and precision operation. The MC4A provides a SURGE mode for incision an excision with pronounced concurrent homeostasis, and a COAG mode for pin-point accurate coagulation. Safe and effective for bipolar forceps coagulation in wet fields and around exposed bone. Simple to learn and operate as well as cost effective, the MC4A is ideal for the occasional uses encountered in Orthodontics, Periodontics and General restorative dentistry. The isolated output means that the instrument will not work without the dispersive plate. The unit comes with a 2 year warranty, "Flexi-plate" dispersive plate, 5 "Ultra-flex" electrodes, and an Owner's Manual. IEC 60601-1-2 EMC compliance make this instrument as friendly as possible around other equipment. Exclusively at MACAN "Spark-Free" Technology* Modern dental practice involves gingival tissue management as a part of the restorative process to a degree never before seen. The MC-4A "spark-free" technology, which incorporates RF band pass filtration, adds significantly to patient comfort by eliminating spark induced sensations and helps to reduce the risk of tissue recession necessary for successful immediate impressions in crown preparation, crown lengthening, and other aesthetically critical procedures, by significantly reducing collateral heat production.*This technology is used in ophthalmic coagulators where very tight control of coagulum is critical.
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