Dental contra-angle / reduction LS3074 MK-dent

Dental contra-angle / reduction LS3074 MK-dent

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Our successful, state-of-the-art Prime Line High Speed Handpieces are offered in both Straight or Contra Angle headpieces. They are now available with titanium coating. 40,000 LUX pass lossless through the Glass Rod Light Conductor. Reductions are now offered at 2.7:1 and 7.4:1 for the Contra Angle Handpieces, along with it's typical transmission of 1:1. When combined with KaVos Contra Angle Heads or MK-dents multitudes of reductions are quite possible. This device fits all ISO-Standard/INTRAmatic®-connections and is completely compatible with the KaVo system.
  • Operation:reduction