Dental bleaching lamp / LED FUTURA 2400 Beaming White

Dental bleaching lamp / LED FUTURA 2400 Beaming White

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The clamp-on version of the Futura 2400 is a simpler version of its big brother. They both have the most power in the industry at 24W and the same aluminum construction, yet the clamp-on version takes up virtually no space at all. It has no wheel base and can be attached to any rigid flat surface, such as a table-top and many chair arm-rests. The controls consist of 4 buttons on the head to operate the timer and the light. It comes in a nice carry bag, and it’s extremely light. You can set it up in one minute, and it’s more affordable than the regular model. Only drawback is that you have to get the customer very close to the table onto which the lamp is clamped. Also, it has no pre-set time buttons, is only available in white. It is considered less professional than the standard one, but gives the same results. You can choose from 2 attachments. One attaches to flat surfaces, while the other more expensive one attaches to round tubes such as those found on some facial beds and portable chairs.
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