Dental articulator CA 3.0 Candulor

Dental articulator CA 3.0 Candulor
CA 3.0

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The Prosthetic Articulator A sturdy construction in light-weight aluminium, the Articulator CA II offers the striking features of clean lines, compact size and simple handling. The mechanical joint takes the form of a guide edge which supports a bi-conical axle. The joint axle is opened and closed easily by means of a precise centric quick-lock. The horizontal condyle path inclination can be adjusted from 0° to 60° by rotating the wheel. The Articulator CA II is equipped with a split-cast system with strong magnets for fast, easy fixing of the mounting plates. An important design feature is the calibration key for achieving commonality between several articulators, which enables models to be interchanged at any time. The split-cast recesses incorporated in the upper and lower articulator plates enable the model to be directly fixed with plaster. This makes the base suitable for grinding to give the finished work a neater appearance. This semi-adjustable Articulator CA II can be used for any prosthetic restoration. It also features a transfer system which makes it readily compatible with joint and skull-related face-bows.
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