Dental articulator Bio-Art Equipamentos Odontológicos Ltda

Dental articulator Bio-Art Equipamentos Odontológicos Ltda
Bio-Art Equipamentos Odontológicos Ltda

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The Standardized Articulators (calibrated) represents the evolution of the procedures between dental clinic and Prosthesis Lab. By using the Standardized Articulators, the dentists avoids the need to send their articulator to the Prosthesis Lab, its possible to send the plaster model to the lab, and it will fit in the other articulator without any difference in the mounting. With the calibration system, the articulator becomes interchangeable (cloned). The calibration system does not interfere in usual mounting procedures, i.e., working with a standardized articulator, the dentist and prosthetic doesnt need to change their way of working. This model is supplied with the Compensator Disc pasted on the lower frame and is responsible for the elimination of any difference in mounting. The standardization is an optional service, i.e., at the purchase of your articulator it is necessary to request the calibration. PS. The Articulator Model 4000-S can not be standardized.
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