Dental amalgamator Amalga Mix Gnatus

Dental amalgamator Amalga Mix Gnatus
Amalga Mix

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Equipment type universal vibrator for amalgam predosed in capsule. Body injected in polystyrene obeying electric safety norms. Endowed with micro processor, that assures the precision and repetition of the selected time. Digital command panel arranged ergonomically, facilitating its handling and better display vision. The width of its movement in eight form and the frequency guarantees a homogenization and ideal consistency for our amalgam type. Joints of transmission with ironclad bearings. Transmission cushioning system, which elliminates vibration transmition to equipment AMALGA MIX II is stable, silent and easy to clean. It has safety switch in the access cover to the capsule.
Rodovia Abrao Assed Km 53 & 450m,
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