Dental 3D printer SP SERIES Kevvox

Dental 3D printer SP SERIES Kevvox

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Kevvox SP 3D printing systems are stand-alone machines, based on DLP technology, printing 3d articles of professional quality. They fit comfortably into any design or engineering environment. There are two Kevvox SP Series models — the SP4300 and the SP6200. These offer 2 different build volumes, 56x35x100mm (2.20? x 1.38? x 3.94?) and 80x50x100mm (3.15? x 1.97? x 3.94?) respectively. The SP4300 can print down to a resolution of 43 µm (0.0017?), while the SP6200 offers 62 µm (0.0024?). There is also a choice of proprietary materials for printing in 3d with more in development on the way. 2 sizes of printing area are on the machine. Our commitment to excellent, long-lasting products and customer satisfaction makes us your one stop shop for 3D printers when looking to buy. Desktop 3D printer solutions from Kevvox offer accuracy, detail and satisfaction that is unmatched by a regular rapid prototyping machine. We are proud of our legions of happy customers, all of who chose the best when looking to buy a 3D printer. Singapore, wider Asia and Europe all have Kevvox offices and our network of business partners spans the globe – we are a true industry leader