Dental 3D printer / desktop Solidscape® Lab Solidscape Inc.

Dental 3D printer / desktop Solidscape® Lab Solidscape Inc.
Solidscape® Lab

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Cost-Per-Case Advantage The Solidscape® Lab helps lab owners hold the line on rising costs while remaining competitive against offshore pricing pressure. Uncompromising Surface Quality and Fit With intuitive one-touch simplicity, dental lab technicians can now produce wax-ups ready for casting and pressing with the most accurate marginal integrity, occlusion, contact, and anatomy form. The Lab printer is optimized for the batch processing of dental wax-ups that produce crowns, bridges and copings with superior margins—providing patients with a perfect fit. Going Digital Simplified Designed specifically to meet the needs of dental labs, the fully automated Lab printer eases the transition to a total digital lab workflow by easily integrating with open architecture dental scanners and software while maintaining Solidscape’s industry-leading surface quality and precision. Going digital has never been easier. Strongest Dental Wax Material Solidscape® LabCAST dental wax material for 100% casting accuracy with no material shrinkage. The crowns, copings and bridges produced by your Solidscape Lab printer can be directly invested, pressed or cast for the highest precision dental restorations.