Delivery bed / electrical / on casters / height-adjustable DH-C101A04 Kanghui Technology

Delivery bed / electrical / on casters / height-adjustable DH-C101A04 Kanghui Technology

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DH-C101A02 LDR bed (comfortable) nursing the lying-in woman through all stages of parturition, including labor, delivery and recovery stage. It can be easily changed into chair position to protect lying-in women from transfer from one bed to another. Electric controlled height adjustment, tilt adjustment and back section adjustment greatly enhance the work efficiency of the nurses. l Use imported European brand of motor and driven system. l Centre brake and swivel system make the bed stable. l Rotating side rails are easily operated. l Minimum height enables patient get on the bed easily. l Leg holder lockable, can turn forward & backward, left & right, height also adjustable. l I.V. stand, height adjustable. l Head board, led board moveable.. l Cushion for newborn baby used during parturition. l Stainless steel basin and flume moveable for washing. l Grab handle for lying-in woman to exert her strength. l Cushion ventilating, water proof, soft and three different colors available, i.e. rose, pink and blue. l Foot switch and hand control optional. Bed dimension including bed end and bumper wheel? Length2050mm,width980mm Bed dimension: Length1815mm, width880mm Bed height? lowest?580mm, highest?950mm (exclude the cushion) Back section turning? ?70° Trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg: reverse trend?5°, trend?12° Leg section telescope:550mm Castor dia.:125mm
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