Debridement ultrasonic surgical unit GENERA UDD Italia Medica Srl

Debridement ultrasonic surgical unit GENERA UDD Italia Medica Srl

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Designed as a profound solution for ulcerative cutaneous treatments, the GENERA ultrasonic system is embedded with innovative technology and modern design, making it an ideal choice for all medical environments. The GENERA ultrasonic system achieves radical and rapid ulcer Debridement thanks to its ability to generate cavitational energy while interacting with the wound, which eradicates necrotic and fibrinous tissues and even the most adherent. All these features result in less pain for the patient and much lower when compared to other conventional methods in the market. Additionally, the GENERA ultrasonic system drastically reduces the accumulation of bacteria on the infected ulcers at a rate of 95-98% and the several titanium tips can be used to treat various types of skins ulcers including pressure sores, legs and wounds. Moreover, using the GENERA ultrasonic system does not pose a hurdle to your other treatments, making a versatile treatment that can be rendered anytime.

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