Data management system / automation / laboratory ADVIA® Siemens Healthcare

Data management system / automation / laboratory ADVIA® Siemens Healthcare

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Using ADVIA® Automation Solutions, you can help maximize lab productivity through expanded capacity and enhanced automated lab management. This multi-discipline system offers high capacity and increased throughput, and fully integrates with specimen processing management, centrifugation, and decapping. The plug-and-play approach for adding or switching instruments and components allows each system to evolve as your needs change. Peak performance – Handle all your workload, get results completed on time, and meet your TAT goals Process efficiency – Reduce the number of tubes and labor steps required in sample processing Expansive menu – Offer more than 275 assays for screening, diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of most disease states Capacity for growth – Drive volume and revenue through outreach and elimination of send-outs Confidence – Customized to work seamlessly with your lab's components

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