Data management software / medical / laboratory Matrix Gemini Autoscribe Informatics

Data management software / medical / laboratory Matrix Gemini Autoscribe Informatics
Matrix Gemini

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Matrix Gemini is a highly configurable Pathology Management Information System designed for both healthcare and veterinary pathology laboratories. Software is configured using a set of built-in configuration tools allowing you to create screens to match your specific requirements. Matrix Gemini delivers an identical user experience no matter whether you use a desktop client or browser interface. Matrix Gemini LIMS includes a non-hierarchical security system. Individuals or groups are assigned specific security authority controlling access to menus and functions within the system, people can only see the parts of the system that they use. Additionally users can be prompted for their password when performing specific operations, such as sample result aproval, to ensure that they have the authority to perform the action. The unique configuration tools mean that the software can be configured to meet your specific requirements without the need to write "one-off" code. It also provides a development path for the system as it can be re-configured to meet future requirements due to changes in workflows or procedures within the laboratory. The software can manage samples from submission through testing, result entry and checking, result validation and approval to final reporting and data archiving. Systems are barcode compatible, both for printing and reading barcodes, so that samples can be logged and tracked throughout the laboratory.
  • Function:data management
  • Medical establishment:laboratory
  • Application domain:medical
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