DAE training simulator / ECG AN3402 Adam, Rouilly

DAE training simulator / ECG AN3402 Adam, Rouilly

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*Provides same visual feedback as AN3401 but without the printer unit *The monitoring unit has a cable that allows the tutor to distance the unit from the student *Provides maximum student/instructor feedback in four practice modes: Compression rate Compression depth Ventilation duration Ventilation volume *Child CPR can be practised by changing to the AN3346 CHILD COMPRESSION *SPRINGS and flipping the switch on the unit *Three-colour light controller indicates acceptable levels: Red light – improper hand placement Green light – proper ventilation volume 800ml adult/500ml child Yellow light – proper compression depth of 4-5 cm adult/ 2.5-4 cm child *The performance of each skill is displayed separately while averages are stored in the memory *Compression and ventilation waveforms are plotted in a time sequence *Averages of the four skills are shown on the digital display *The unit is designed to switch automatically between the compression and ventilation modes depending on which is being applied *Battery operated for maximum flexibility
  • Procedure:ECG, DAE
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