Cryotherapy chamber Krion Premium KRION

Cryotherapy chamber Krion Premium KRION
Krion Premium

Krion Premium Cryosauna Krion Premium provides exactly the same functionality as Standard and has advanced technological improvements that let you organize up to 100 procedures a day. Krion Premium is designed for SMBs that require to organize regular cryotherapeutic procedures for a large group of patients, targeting Major medical centers and hospitals. Beauty salons and SPA-centers with increasing customer flow. Sports teams focused on maximum result and interested in accelerated rehabilitation. Cryosauna Krion Premium expands technological specifications of Standard Edition. Benefits: Decreased liquid nitrogen use per procedure (30% +, economy). Significantly decreased cryosauna maintenance time (30%+, economy). Increased period of continuous work in the procedural mode up to 8 hours. Decreased preparation time before procedure only 2 minutes. Automatic procedures counter. Ability to place cryosauna in a mobile medical station (bus/truck), portable. More exterior designs.
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