Cryopreservation tank Froilabo - Firlabo

Cryopreservation tank Froilabo - Firlabo
Froilabo - Firlabo

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Applications Cryopreservation systems are conceived for biological samples storage, up to -196°C Advantages The control system TEC 2000 ensures a maximum of security for the storage in liquid or gas phase Specifications LCD posting Nitrogen level posting, in mm Indicator of liquid nitrogen consumption per day Indicator of temperature Automatic management of nitrogen level Indicator of temperature 2 areas Possibility of control : output RS485 and recording of hour and date for the last 7000 events Alarms Nitrogen level High and low temperature Power supply failure out of nitrogen Interior equipment Racks and boxes for cryotubes Canister and goblets for spangles Racks for pockets or skin Options By Pass Spare battery Software of follow up and software of storage

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