CPR board Res-Q-Board Spencer Italia

CPR board Res-Q-Board Spencer Italia

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Res-Q-Board has been especially designed to optimize CPR manoeuvres. Its anatomic form allows correct positioning of the patient, maintaining the airways open and at the same time making external cardiac massage more effective. The superior surface is structured to reduce slipping and to support the vertebrae. The inferior surface stabilizes the board during resuscitation. The handles make it extremely manageable and transportable, making operations such as anchorage and the transfer of patients much easier. Light and compression resistant, Res-Q-Board is made of high density polyethylene, double shell without seams. It is easy to use and comes really handy for training CPR with first aid respondents. It is indispensable on ambulance stretchers during transporting critical patients and also in all hospital wards, in order to carry out CPR. The monolithic structure allows quick sanitation.
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