CPAP ventilator OmniPAP® OP700/OP750 MD Biomedical

CPAP ventilator OmniPAP® OP700/OP750 MD Biomedical
OmniPAP® OP700/OP750

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The OmniPAP the first of its kind as xPAP system that can be upgraded offers comprehensive treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) using advanced technology. It incorporates three state-of-the-art characteristics to facilitate every application, whether at home or during travel: ultra light weight, size compactness, and slick appearance. During the treatment's onset, OmniPAP supplies the Ramp Function. What it does is it boosts the pressure to the prescription pressure settings in a time duration to enable a more comfortable sleep to users. It also has Altitude Compensation function which makes sure the pressure distribution is faithful to the prescribed pressure despite being at high altitudes. What's more, with a simple touch of a button, air delivery is started as well as the ramp function, guaranteeing easy operation every time.
  • Ventilation mode:CPAP