CPAP mask / nasal / silicone RAP-302 Acare

CPAP mask / nasal / silicone RAP-302 Acare

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RAP series CPAP mask is designed with extremely good compliance features when using it with CPAP machine. Not only it has good silicone material with soft touch upon human face but also it has good exhalation design for matching breathing pattern. The comfort design supports patient to adapt CPAP use more frequently for getting better sleeping quality every night Features: ?The silicone mask surface has well fit and seal with human face to avoid air leakage ? There is one port design for O2 measurement. ? Very low noise and good compliance in use. ? The connection between connector and mask body has cushion for better body position removing. ? Quick release trap. ? The nasal mask is designed with Headpad for better tightness. ? The connector on CPAP mask is able to be turned around 360°
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