Coronary stent / cobalt chromium / drug eluting CCflexProActive Eucatech

Coronary stent / cobalt chromium / drug eluting CCflexProActive Eucatech

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The stent has many benefits. Because it is extremely thin with just 65 µm in size, it allows for maximum flexibility that could adapt well to the vessel. Its surface is also smooth and hemodynamic since it has perfectly rounded edges that reduces a reaction in the vessel wall. An extrapolishing process is responsible for this. It is designed to perfect flexibility in the usual intricate vessel anatomy. Its 9 crown design enables an optimal lumen coverage for vessel walll adaption. It uses a Camouflage coating and is permanent. It is antithrombogenic and fully compatible with the human body. It also promotes proper healing and endothealization. You are guaranteed for long term stability with this instrument. When delivering the instrument, a hydrophilic coated shaft is used. It has a rapid deflation balloon that is designed to control linear expansion. It has an overhang of <5mm to minimize vessel injury externally.
  • Characteristics:drug eluting
  • Cardiovascular system :coronary
  • Material:cobalt chromium
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