Copper intrauterine device / copper-T ST CU300 Mona Lisa

Copper intrauterine device / copper-T ST CU300 Mona Lisa
ST CU300

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The Mona Lisa ST Cu300 is a rebuilt of the Flexi T 300 which has been on the market since a long time. At the lower end of the IUD a secure double nylon thread system is fixed to the IUD body. The CU-Safe T 300 has a copper surface of 300 mm² and guarantees safe contraception up to 5 years. The ST Cu300 has not to be preloaded; insertion takes place with a one-hand technique. Unique features: Optimally suited for Nullipara, but also for Uni- and Multipara with a small uterus size. Easy and pain free insertion and removal due to the small size of the IUD Low expulsion rate due to the shape optimally fitted to the uterus
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