Computer-based wall bars discovery® h/p/cosmos sports & medical

Computer-based wall bars discovery® h/p/cosmos sports & medical

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According to the grip technique and position, different muscle groups can be worked. Through a shoulder height grip the upper-body coordination and grip will primarily be trained whilst the main effort will be concentrated in the leg muscles. When grip is at head height or on the rungs above the head, the effort can be concentrated upon the upper body with the intensity dependent upon the effort. A firm hold to the side rails or upper handles spreads the effort between the upper and lower body. The discovery® ladder ergometer, also called endless-ladder, has been developed to serve as a full body ergometer. Climbing up a ladder is a familiar movement pattern to many people and involves many muscle groups, such as arms, shoulders, back and upper body muscles as well as leg muscles. Thus, the intensity of the training can be very high if wanted. Since the year 1994 the discovery® is a successful ergometer in the h/p/cosmos range of products and it has been sold to customers in many countries worldwide. The discovery® can serve as a fitness training device for endurance training but also can be used a high load ergometer for competitive sports and special applications such as fire fighters. The discovery® has even been used in a special design by special army research centers in environmental chambers under special controlled climate conditions.
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