Compat Dualport

Compat Dualport

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Single Lumen Dual Port Nasogastric Feeding and Drainage Tube

Designed for the ICU

Compat Dualport is designed to help simplify gastric drainage and administration of nutrition, fluids and medications by the use of one single tube for both operations.


Drainage Efficiency

Compat Dualport is compatible with most drainage/suction devices and is designed to ease fluid flow. Its Y-tube design with clamps facilitates tube handling and prevents fluid leakage.


Patient Comfort

Compat Dualport allows using one single tube for gastric drainage and enteral tube feeding thus reducing the need for tube insertion procedures. The tube can be used for up to 29 days and is made of polyurethane material, a patient-friendly material which softens at body temperature. The tube rounded distal end design permits non-traumatic tube insertion.


More details, please check the video here


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