Compact multi-parameter monitor / transport / wireless iM 12 Biocare

Compact multi-parameter monitor / transport / wireless iM 12 Biocare
iM 12

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Characterizing high resolution, color TFT display of device measures 12.1". Complete touch screen and writing are optional, thereby enabling ease in operation. Backlight is attached to long lasting and eye-catching silicon button. Analysis of S-T segment and arrhythmia are of 20 kinds. 12-lead ECG is optional and accounts for simplicity in analysis and treatment. Tabular and graphic trends last maximum for 480 hours. With ECG waveform review and storage lasting for 2 hours, device has 700 alarm events and 1000 NIBP records. Various necessities of clinics care are addressed by enhanced display mode, bed-bed observation, tabular and graphic trend, OxyCRG and huge front display of the instrument. Li-ion battery can be recharged and operates continuously for 10 hours. The product facilitates concentration of drugs and calculation of titration table. Defibrillation shield, coupled with anti high-frequency electrotome address the various working surroundings. Software up-gradation is aided by USB port and the latter also provides support to mouse device and future keyboard connections. For every parameter, the color configuration incorporates 32 color alternatives. VGA output accounts for external display is optional.
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