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Research from 1,400 practices tells us that the key to highly effective recall performance is to adopt a consistent approach to patient recall communication: sending multiple messages, at regular intervals, across a range of media. SMS & SMS Replies: A great way to recall, remind and promote offers to your patients. Integrated with your system, it can be configured so that patient responses are sent directly into the appointment book filling white space and helping rebook short-notice cancellations at the click of a button. Online Bookings: The Online Booking module ensures high visibility for your practice enabling new and existing patients to book appointments around the clock while you retain control of your diary by selecting which appointments are made publically available. EasyPost: A unique service that allows you to send patient letters directly from your system, without printing a single thing onsite at your practice. Utilising Software of Excellences professional mailing services, you simply set-up personalised letter templates and decide when you want patient letters to be sent. EasyPost frees up hours of time normally spent on administration and ensures a consistent, timely approach to patient communications.
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