Coffin trolley / lifting Catafalque DFW Europe

Coffin trolley / lifting Catafalque DFW Europe

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Safe charging of the coffin For safe entry at a furnace temperature above 500 °C an automated, fully integrated charging bier is recommended. This machine was designed by DFW Europe and has first been marketed in 2008. The coffin, which is transported on the transport trolley, can be moved from there to the charging platform on the automatic charging bier (AIM) by a simple action and with minimal effort. Through operation via touchscreen the entering of the coffin into the cremator may be activated automatically. The charging door will be opened fully automatically and closed again once the coffin has entered the cremator. After completing the entering process, the machine is folded together and slides back under the oven, hiding it from view entirely. Because the machine is automatically stored after use, there is always a clean and uncluttered space where family and those involved can be received at any time. In the DFW 6000 and 8000 cremators the automatic charging bier (AIM) is stored under the cremator. With the DFW 4000 cremator the automatic charging bier will be sunk into the floor in front of the cremator.
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