Cloud computing solution EXAM-NET™ CoActiv Medical

Cloud computing solution EXAM-NET™ CoActiv Medical

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EXAM-NET Cloud PACS and Teleradiology Solutions CoActiv EXAM-NET™ is a suite of digital communications products and services designed to optimize the capabilities of teleradiology groups and other radiologists who work in multiple locations. EXAM-NET enables ultra-fast, anywhere, any time access to images to provide greater efficiency and fully integrated workflow among all radiology group members, wherever located. Combined with the sophisticated capabilities of CoActiv EXAM-PACS®, image distribution, reading and archiving is quick, easy and location-free. The initial communications hub for the EXAM-NET system is the CoActiv Acquire & Forward Server™, which combines hardware and software and is installed at each image acquisition site. After receiving studies from modalities or a PACS, the Acquire & Forward Server automatically and securely sends them to a central EXAM-NET server for temporary storage. Often, that server resides in one of the offsite CoActiv Tier-IV data centers but may also be placed at a central onsite location, depending on the needs of the radiology group. From the server, images may be pushed or pulled immediately to a radiologist’s local CoActiv EXAM-PACS. The server’s high outgoing bandwidth is specially designed to speed data to its destination.EXAM-NET Workflow To streamline data flow, the system can be programmed for intelligent imaging forwarding. Using the EXAM-NET server’s unique client/server technology, studies are routed automatically to appropriate radiologists at any location based on acquisition site, modality or exam description.
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