Class III isolator / glove box Angelantoni Lifescience

Class III isolator / glove box Angelantoni Lifescience
Angelantoni Lifescience

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Isolator is the work chamber has a pressure control system, which activity on the speed of the exhaust ventilator. Isolator under negative pressure The system is suitable for handling pharmacologically and chemically highly alive substances. Isolator under positive pressure Isolators under positive pressure are leading for situations which require a high level of product protection from microbiological and particle contamination. Equipment has a Linear Bag or RTP system to release any depleted products, as well as a cleaning and decontamination system complete with a system to capture waste discharge. The products to be handled enter the isolator work chamber via a pass box appareled with interlocked doors. The gloves for product handling are installed on the front screen on double grooved flanges holding O Rings, so they can be replaced safely. Pressure values can be regulated from between 50 Pa and 100 Pa.
  • Class:class III
  • Type:glove box
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Massa Martana (PG)
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