Cholesterol blood glucose meter BenenCheck Premium Series General Life Biotechnology

Cholesterol blood glucose meter BenenCheck Premium Series General Life Biotechnology
BenenCheck Premium Series

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BeneCheck Premium Series provide single function systems with blood glucose, cholesterol, or uric acid. With the advance technology and user friendly design, BeneCheck Premium Series enable users to do the tests easy and fast. You will have more optional to fit the market or personal needs. With our technology, BeneCheck Premium GLU Monitoring System provides a codeless blood glucose test, which makes the testing process even simpler. Last but not the least; the ejection function could also lower the risk of infection. AST (alternative Site Test) is also applied in the Glucose test with this fantastic system. User could choose fingertip, palm or forearm to obtain the blood sample. Painless and friendly process will give you a brand new experience. The BeneCheck Total Cholesterol Monitoring System provides a fast and accuracy test in extremely easy way. Results will be shown within 26 seconds. Forget the long waiting line in hospital and scary medical bills. You can just sit on your living room and get your total cholesterol reading. As the other monitoring system, the BeneCheck Uric Acid Monitoring System not only provides unique Uric Acid test in the In vitro diagnostic divides, but also introduces a new concept in public health. It is never too early to monitoring your health index. According to recently reports, hyperuricemia is also relative to metabolism syndrome, which means everyone should keep alarm to this index. In short, with the leading detection time and straightforward using process, BeneCheck Premium Series is an outstanding monitoring system that people could own at home.
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