Chest compressor mechanical animax mono AAT

Chest compressor mechanical animax mono AAT
animax mono

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No source of energy necessary animax mono alleviates paramedics Especially in emergency medicine cardiac massage is frequently performed for a long time, e.g. resuscitation after a thrombolysis often challenges medical personnel extensively. Due to the lever mechanism, the automatic adjustment of the pressure depth, and the ingenious portal frame the animax mono works independent of an energy source. There is no need for batteries or pressurized air. animax mono is ready to use without a time lag and the cardiac massages quality is both greatly improved and facilitated. animax mono portal frame The portal frame of the animax mono adjusts itself always symmetrically in width., i.e. the pressure stamp is invariably in the middle of the chest. The height adjustment is continuous and locks automatically after releasing the operation buttons. The innovative scoops are easily slid under the patients chest when you put the animax on. This way the device is quickly and sufficiently fixed on the patien
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