Chemical fume hood / laboratory / ductless CaptairFlex M632 erlab

Chemical fume hood / laboratory / ductless CaptairFlex M632 erlab
CaptairFlex M632

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The innovative design is safe, easy to install, consumes less energy and provides the added benefit of low running costs. Add a phenolic resin work surface for high chemical and moisture resistance. Only Erlab offers a ductless fume hood that guarantees safety by: Adhering to the highest safety standard in the world for ductless fume hoods - AFNOR NFX 15-211: 2009 as recognized by ANSI Z9.5-2012. This standard guarantees that the emissions concentration at the filter exhaust will always be lower than 1% of the Threshold Limit Value (TLV) Providing a published chemical listing with the retention capacity for our filters Evaluation and approval of the chemical handlings performed A Certificate of Validation verifying the chemical usage, filter type, and filter lifetime. Ext: 63’’x 24 3/4’’x 45 3/4’’ min 53’’ maxi. Int: 61 3/4’’x 21 1/2’’x 34’’
  • Applications:chemical
  • Other characteristics:ductless
  • Domain:laboratory
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